The Plainfield YMCA is a charitable, non-profit service organization dedicated to improving the potential of every member of our community through programs that build spirit, mind & body.


The YMCA has been in existence since 1872 and is a trusted organization known both nationally and internationally. The core values of the YMCA are responsibility, caring, respect and honesty. These values are instilled in all of our programs everyday. Through history the Plainfield YMCA itself has served as an active member of the community for over 140 years. The Plainfield YMCA is dedicated to serving the priority needs of the community. We provide housing, foster care, emergency shelter, school-age childcare, recreation and wellness. Our programs provide a safe environment for children and teens to build leadership skills and improve social skills in a healthy, safe and thriving environment away from the inner city streets.


  • Ravenell Williams IV: President/CEO
  • Fred Wasiak: Assistant Executive Director
  • India Hughes: Program Director, Age Out Program
  • Theresa McCoy: Housing Director
  • Elsie Jenkins: Membership Director
  • Marilyn Tineo: Childcare Program Director
  • Harrikisson Mangal: Facilities Manager
  • Bo Vastine: Finance Manager
  • Carolyn Wellington: Marketing Manager
Plainfield YMCA building


  • Kieran Anderson – Chairman
  • Lamar D. Mackson – Vice Chairman
  • Gavin Wellington – Treasurer
  • Elliott Simmons – Secretary


  • Deborah Cannon
  • Marc Greenberger
  • Robert Gregory
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Sean McKenna
  • Frank Pascale
  • Nathaniel E. Singleton
  • Roy Southerland Jr.
  • Nate Vaughn
  • Joy Weber
  • Ronald West – Chair Capital Development Committee
  • Paul Zodis